Extreme Sports Team
Samantha Blaze
Samantha is an export snowboarder who has been tearing up the slopes since she was nine years old. Samantha had won five regional competitions by the time she was 18 years old. Samantha is a favorite to take the top spot at the National Snowboarding Competition in Aspen.

Rip Cunningham
Rip is a world-class BMX superstar. He has won three national trail riding competitions. Rip is known for his speed and agility on dirt trails.

Ann Howe
Ann Howe is a versatile athlete. She is a strong competitor in the areas of streetluge, in-line skating, and downhill skateboarding. Her strength and endurance is inspiring.

Brad Johnson
Brad is a master of the half-pipe. He has won seven BMX vertical riding competitions. Brad?s aerial work has been delighting crowds for nearly ten years.

Skip McGee
Skip is a versatile BMX rider. He has been riding BMX since he was eight years old. He was 13 years old at his first competition. Skip can go from dirt trail to swimming pool and do amazing feats with both.

Max Power
Known as one of the fastest streetluge competitors in the world, Max has been burning up streets worldwide. He has designed a new board for MAX Street Boards, and is now endorsed by Fizz Buzz cola.

Renee Ripper
A versatile athlete, Renee is impressive whether mountain boarding, skydiving, streetluge, and paragliding. Renee is always up for a challenge. She is now enjoying bungee jumping and windsurfing.

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